1. Deep hole drilling drillings (one end drill 3 meters,from both ends more than 6 meters )
    2. Hydraulic leveling machine 800MT(width 3.5 m)
    3. Large Radial drillings (50mm diameter)
    4. End milling and slotting machine (13 meters length)
    5. CNC vertical milling and boring machine (machining height 2 meters and length 6 meters )
    6. Large CNC grinding machine(grinding width 2.6m* length 4.5m;weight loading 15 MT)
    7. Large Surface milling and Grinding machine (machining width 3.15m*length 12m;weight loading 30MT)
    8. Small Surface milling and Grinding machine (machining width 1.60m*length 4m;weight loading 15MT)
    9. Medium CNC processing center(CNC machining width 2.2m*length 6m*height 1 m)
    10. Different welding machines(arc welding;CO2 protected welding; argon arch welding)
    11.CNC flame cutting(4.5 m width*15m length)
    12. Large CNC flame cutting machines(4m*10m)
    13.Overhead crane(16MT;10MT)